According to the Law on Information Society Services and E-Commerce (called LSSI from now onwards) and the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPR) and the Organic Law 3/2018, from December 5th, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, WEBAKE DESIGN, S.L., (called the “Website” or the “Owner”) informs, in the current Cookie Policy, on the use of storage devices and data recovery in terminal equipment.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded in your device (computer or mobile device) with the purpose of saving data that may be updated and recovered by the entity responsible of its installation.

The information collected through cookies may include the IP address, date and time the Website was accessed, the pages viewed in the Website, the time the User spent on the Website and the sites visited just before and after it and other data.

2. Why does the Website use cookies?

The current Website uses cookies or other storage and data recovery devices to track the interactions of the users with the services offered in the Website.

The main objectives of these cookies are:
  • To allow the anonymous identification of users and so the approximate number of visitors.
  • To identify the most visited content in an anonymous way.
  • To know if the user accessing the website is new or has accessed before.
3.- How to disable cookies.

Those cookies that are not obligatory to navigate this Website can be disabled in the setting of the Website. These settings can be found at the bottom of the page of the Website. Moreover, all browsers allow changes to disable the settings for cookies.

Below, you will find the link to disable the cookies for each browser:
If you do not wish to be tracked by the cookies, Google has developed a plug-in to install in your browser. You access it in the following link:

4. Cookies in mobile devices.

The owner of the Website also uses cookies or other storage devices in mobile devices.

Those cookies not obligatory to navigate the current Website can be disabled in the settings of the Website.

These settings can be found at the bottom of the page of the Website. Moreover, as well as the browsers of computers, the browsers of mobile devices allow changes to be made in the privacy options or settings to disable or delete cookies.

If you wish to modify the privacy options follow the instructions given by the developer of your mobile device browser.

Below, you will find some examples of links that will guide you to modify the privacy options in your mobile device:

IOS: ( )
Windows Phone: (  
Chrome Mobile
: (
Opera Mobile: (

5. Acceptance of cookies.

This Website does not install cookies on the users’ devices until they have accepted their installation.

We inform you that if you do not accept the cookies or disable some of these in the settings, it is possible that certain services will become unavailable if the cookies are not accepted or you may not be able to access certain services or fully use everything the Website has to offer.

If you have any further questions, comments or suggestions about the Cookie Policy, please write to