Fintech Americas Shot
Fintech Americas
Project Summary

Fintech Americas was a successful in-person event once a year for Latin American bankers. Due to Covid-19, FA decided to reinvent itself as an online learning community offering a variety of programs and events for the same public it had served for years.

Webake was hired to help the FA team reorganize its programs, events and conferences to adapt to a fully-online presence in its mission of becoming a structured training platform for the digital transformation of Latam's bank and its people.

This process consisted of 7 months of UX Consulting where, together with the company’s management, we envisioned the digital version of Fintech Americas. Following the design thinking process, we used a set of tools for the different steps:

Fintech Americas Shot
Fintech Americas Shot
Card Sorting & Mind mapping

Since the universe of contents was enormous, we used card sorting to understand and organize events, partners, and all the assets FA already had. We then used mind mapping to link all the pieces and re-think the information architecture as a system of nodes, articulated in webs. Ultimately, this would allow us to offer end-users more flexible and customized paths to navigate the contents.

Brainstorming sessions

We conducted collaborative ideation sessions with the client using FigJam in the initial stages as a way to understand how each of the managers was imagining the new Fintech Americas.

Lo-fi Wireframing

Since the process implied re-thinking the business model, this quick visualization tool was very helpful at materializing different options to help the team asses which way to go. Quick drafts were also useful to generate a wide variety of initial ideas that we could then easily discard or combine.

Fintech Americas Shot
User Interviews

We interviewed users who were familiar with FA in-person conferences with a script that was focused on the validation and assessment of 3 main items:

- Clarity - Is the reinvented FA something the user can understand?
- Credibility - Does the user feel they can trust this company?
- Value perception - Does the user find value in the new proposition?

Hi-fi Prototyping

Towards the final stages of the process, FA had decided to work on an MVP so we designed the key visual layouts. These were used in the interviews to ensure aesthetic decisions were aligned with the projects goals.

Fintech Americas Shot
Fintech Americas Shot